Approach & Methodology

We understand the importance of both human and monetary resources. Our approach is systematic and provides the necessary focus to achieve results in a professional manner.

Facilitate consensus building and partnership with client.
Outline opportunities and concepts consistent with client’s strategy.
Convey findings and results in detailed Business Case format.
Utilize industry knowledge and expertise to ensure for best practices.
Support implementation efforts to achieve the optimum benefit potential.

Our approach consists of the following three stages:

Activity Analysis

This is the initial phase of the engagement. The objective of this phase is to gain an understanding of the organization. We prepare a request list and gather the necessary information to conduct our analysis. We conduct interviews with appropriate personnel and perform data modeling. At the conclusion of this phase we will outline the potential opportunities and provide an Activity Analysis Presentation to management.

Opportunity Development

This phase is where detailed Business Cases are prepared and developed. The Business Case contains a description of the opportunity, the current industry environment, the benefit available, and implementation considerations. At the conclusion of this phase, management approval is required for continuation.


In this phase, the opportunities approved by management are implemented. An implementation plan is developed and executed. Bearmoor, LLC will provide support and benefit tracking capabilities.