The competitive and complex nature of the Asset Management and Fiduciary industry has created an environment for increased opportunities and risks within each financial institution providing such services. Although there are risks associated with every business, the reward may not always be commensurate with the risks undertaken in the Asset Management and Fiduciary arena. The decision to “take some chances” has already been made by your organization – Are you achieving the “highest goal” possible? Bearmoor, LLC provides premier consulting assistance specific to the Asset Management and Fiduciary industry. Our primary goal is to increase revenue, decrease liability, and do the right thing for our clients. Our credibility, agility, respectability, and efficiency (CARE) has generated substantial recurring revenue benefits for our clients. Our capabilities focus on providing organizations with solutions and objective advice in all facets of the Asset Management and Fiduciary arena. Bearmoor, LLC provides the knowledge, analysis and support for organizations to achieve their goals and objectives.

Areas of Expertise

The business activities of the Asset Management and Fiduciary industry are impacted by several unique yet interrelated components: Profit Enhancement; Risk Mitigation; and Product Management. Each one of these components must be effective on a stand-alone basis, yet they must work in concert to achieve the greatest impact to the organization.

Bearmoor, LLC provides the resources and knowledge to address each component and has the capabilities to customize which components need additional attention in order to achieve the greatest results.

Profit Enhancement

Revenue generated from business activities is critical to the success and ongoing viability of an organization. Failure to properly design and execute an effective revenue plan often leads to increased risks and lackluster profits. The area of Profit Enhancement addresses the critical factors in both Revenue Management and Expense Recapture.

Revenue Management: This area focuses on the revenue generators within the Asset Management and Fiduciary activities. We identify opportunities in the areas of revenue consistency, proficiency, and adequacy. The analysis is based upon a comprehensive review at all levels, including; line of business, products/services, and account. Actual client financial and account data is used to perform the analysis.

Expense Recapture: This area focuses on the expenses associated with conducting the Asset Management and Fiduciary business. We conduct a profit analysis to determine the levels of pricing effectiveness, pricing sensitivities, and pricing competitiveness.

Our experience has resulted in annual revenue increases from 12 -20%!

Risk Mitigation

Risks are present within every business decision. The financial services industry is one of the most regulated businesses in existence. Institutions are constantly required to comply with both existing and new Federal and State regulations, as well as internal policies and procedures. The complexity of the laws and regulations impacting the Asset Management and Fiduciary business is phenomenal. The goal is to minimize risks, however sometimes this can lead to a “just say NO” environment. The area of Risk Mitigation addresses the needs within Risk Management, Compliance, and Audit.

Our understanding of the business and its regulatory environment will assist in decreasing your liability concerns!

Product Management

The rapidity of change within the product set and the environment in which the Asset Management and Fiduciary industry finds itself requires the management function to be proactive, or at the very least responsive to industry changes in a timely manner. The Product Management area of our process focuses on both Best Practices and Product Development.

Best Practices: This area utilizes our experience and knowledge to identify opportunities within an organization where best practices in a specific area can be deployed. We quickly identify those areas where “best of breed” and industry consensus would have a positive impact. Our Competitive Fee Schedule database along with industry pricing knowledge ensures clients are current with both industry and competitor practices.

Product Development: Although there are several products available within the industry, there may be opportunities to use those already existing products/services in new ways. By using our knowledge and contacts within the industry, we are able to assist in identifying and developing profitable products/services that benefit both the client and the organization.

Our knowledge and resources will assist you to do the right thing!